The first meeting of 2021 at eReal Estate Corp. was filled with great discussions on staying motivated, exciting marketing programs being added for our agents to utilize and other valuable updates about today’s real estate market.

– Stay Motivated in 2021!

   2020 was a tough year for everyone and we are hopeful for what 2021 will bring but no matter what is happening in the world around you, just remember that you still have complete control over the decisions that you make to improve your business.

   When it comes to business, your mind is your menu. There is no limitation to your creativity and innovation. In real estate, you never know which conversation, phone call or encounter will bring you your next closing. Your next transaction is always 3 feet in front of you (more like 6 ft. from now on). Agents who succeed are ones who use all tools available to them and stay knowledgeable about real estate law/matters and the current market.

– eReal Estate Strategic Agent Marketing Plans

   Last year we empowered our agents and clients by creating and implementing strategic programs such as eBuyer Services, eSeller Services and Corporate Neighborhood Relocation. We had an amazing launch that resulted in a lot of interest from agents to join our company to take advantage of these programs. 

   Coming into 2021, we wanted to fine tune our structure of how these programs are offered to our agents in order to maximize theirs real estate production. Agents can now select their broker splits along with a customized marketing plan, you can learn more about it on our careers page.  These marketing plans are designed to put agents in front of more buyers and property owners to assist them with their real estate needs

– Local Real Estate Stats for November 2020

  • Manhattan Beach: 37 Sales $2.513MM Average Sales Price
  • Hermosa Beach: 7 Sales $1.193MM Average Sales Price
  • Redondo Beach (North & South): 40 Sales $1.285MM – $1.766MM Average Sales Price
  • Torrance (All Zip Codes): 90 Sales $573K – $1.068M Average Sales Price.
  • El Segundo: 4 Sales $2.013MM Average Sales Price

– Handouts/Additional Information.

From Provident Title – November Resale Activity.  CRMLS December Broker Report – Consumer Protection Rules.  From CAR 0 DRE Scam warning.  From CAR – December 30, 2020 – Market Minute.  From Chicago Title – Beach Cities Market Update.  From HUD – FHA extends options for single family borrowers impacted by COVID 19.  Article re: investment perspective and market outlook for 2021.  Analysis shows proximity to certain grocery stores and home values.  Article showing US home prices rise at fastest pace in more than 6 years.  From – survey more than 1/3rd of young americans are more interested in smart home technology due to COVID19.  From CAR – Rising home prices creating wealth for home owners, low rates, flexibility to work from home drive home buying interest.  From Realtor Magazine – 3 trends driving hyperactivity in real estate market.


Thank you for reading through our discussion at eReal Estate Corp. for this week. We hope you found the information beneficial.